Brandon Sargent is a non-binary writer, actor, producer, and recent graduate of Marymount Manhattan College’s Acting and Creative Writing Programs. Growing up in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan, Brandon was raised by a lesbian mother and a Catholic father which ultimately led to a well-rounded understanding of the political spectrum, and it continues to fuel every story he tells. His writing is featured in Narratively, The Marymount Manhattan Review, and The Odyssey.

Through the lens of both writing and acting, Brandon has become too familiar with the lack of representation of the queer community in media and literature. Through his writing he wants to tell the world that when it comes to being queer, there is more than stereotypes and coming out stories. His project, Hard Feelings, is an eight-episode, queer web series he wrote, directed, and starred in. Because of the aforementioned lack of representation, he made it a rule during casting that each character would be played by an actor who identified the same way, and he was able to give 25 queer people jobs both behind and on camera.

He is currently working on a memoir about queer identity and family. 

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